Ceremonies to mark and honor the thresholds you cross in your life and the loved ones you hold dear.

We have deep connections with the people, animals, and plants, we choose to bring into our family along with the land we chose to live on. There are many ways that we can honor our relationships.  Come home to the path of sacred in every day life.


Beeing the Medicine with the Landscape

Rewilding Ourselves with the help of the Landscape

*Align your inner landscape harmoniously with earth’s energy and reciprocate love in sacred relationship

*Play with nature beings and re-establish your full presence and connection within the energy web of life

*Weave your own unique magic with the help of plant, animal, and spirit allies to gift to the greater hive

*Listen to the guidance of all around to engage most fully with the present moment

*Connect with like-minded souls

*Make plant medicine in a community to begin or expand your apothecary

What will this look like? We will meet in person in western Massachusetts, mostly near the Mt Tom landscape, once a month from April through November on Fridays from 10am – 3pm. We will walk through the woods and be outside much of the time, though I do have indoor space if the weather does not allow for outside time. We will make plant medicines together to allow everyone a chance to begin an apothecary, participate in rituals to deepen our relationships with earth and all of the beings living in the local landscape and with ourselves, and dive into practices designed to create a centered presence from which to engage with all that is present in our lives.

Why work with me?  Each day will be unique and based on the energies of the exact moment in the season, the group’s yearnings and dreamings, and of course of the beings in the landscape and the landscape itself. I have taught in the experiential realm for twenty years.  From working with pre-schoolers, elementary-aged, middle and high school students in the outdoors, I have learned to be fully present to the needs and energy of those right in front of me, while having an awareness of my environment and how to integrate at all times.  I have honed my skills on how to listen, be fun and fully adaptable!  Many teachers may not like change to the schedule, yet I fully thrive on working with the energy present in the moment.

I have learned much from my environment and very intimately from bees, and so my teachings are guided by the loving presence of these heart-opening beings. In other words, we will interact with the landscape and all of our activities with the flavor of bee essence, as I work with bees physically and in my dreams.  I have taught about bees for seven years and graduated from the College of the Melissae, after finding my way to the teaching of bee through a dream. I have always been someone who engages with my natural environment directly and it is from that experience, along with many wonderful magical and herbal teachers along my path, that I offer my teachings.

The dreamscape of one day may look something like this…

A circle of connection on a blanket laid by a birch tree, while we connect in and stretch to open the flow within our bodies. A conversation about the magic and medicine of birch, while we spray birch oil onto our arms and faces to integrate its presence into our cells. It may be time to write our intention for our meandering walk and communion with the landscape, followed by the creation of a nature mandala as an offering to the landscape. Perhaps we gather by the pond to receive a guided drum mediation followed by time to eat our lunches and digest our journeys. A bit more conversation, now about a specific plant ally that is in season at the moment and time to connect to it before we make medicine together. We decide to close with our feet in the stream to offer a prayer to be carried out to the ocean before we say goodbye to our friends.

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