Journeys with the Landscape

Journey of Love (Completed)

Today, chose love. Treat your body temple to a month long journey of love. With the help of plant allies and bee wisdom, along with the support of others on their own journey to love, give yourself a gift. Take the time to give the one person who needs your presence the most, the gift of this journey. With flower essences, teas, tinctures, and ceremonies, we will entice our bodies with the gift of our love through presence, just as the flowers entice the bees with their own gifts of love. Are you ready for a juicy journey to love? You will receive everything you need for a successful journey of love; Ecstatic Solar Flower Essence, propolis tincture, dreaming tea, fire salt and earth-stone. All items designed in dreamscape with the bees and infused with moon energies and healing intentions. Sign up here.

Self Journey – Dreaming with Bee (Completed)

Bees have been guides for humans for many, many years. The relationship of bee to human is a journey of enlightenment, healing, connection to self and all that is, wrapped up with a bow of love. If you are ready to ask Bee to enter your dreamscape with the help of plant ally Mugwort, this journey is for you. You will receive a 1/2 fluid oz bottle of propolis tincture (50% alcohol base) with mugwort flower essence. While I will provide suggestions for use and connection, your true guides will be Bee and Mugwort.

Sign up here:

Creating with Presence – with the guidance of bees (2021 – Completed)

Dreaming with the Landscape: Creating with Presence

This is an invitation to join me in a journey to your inner landscape, with help from your outer landscape and of course, the bees.

Say yes to this monthly offering and you will say yes to creating the space and time to allow your own inner being to speak with the multitude of intelligent beings around you; the bees, the trees, the land, the rivers, the elementals. When you strengthen your connection to the beautiful world that surrounds you, regardless of what it looks like, you strengthen your ability to connect with your innate senses, where whispers from the Melissae still are heard and the touches of an ancient time morphed into a new time are still felt.

Words are metamorphosed into the sounds, shapes and feelings that they are and all things reverberate with their sacred name. The name Melissa, comes from the Greek word μέλισσα, “honey bee,” which in turn comes from μέλι, “honey.” Melissa officinalis, a plant commonly called lemon balm, which Pliny the Elder wrote that bees were “delighted with this herb above others,” is named for Melissa as well. As in this delightful connection, the Dreaming with the Landscape journey provides a sweetness, a sense of delightment and an invitation to dive deep into our landscape to heal, inspire and metamorphose all who enter our field.

The bees remind us of our own power and help to guide us to the new way of being.  We will follow the sacred bee calendar and be guided by the wisdom of bees in a journey of creation together.  

The total cost for this year long journey is $199 if paid in full.  If you would like to break up the payments into three $75 payments due January, May and September, the total cost is $225. You can pay me through paypal – or venmo – @aylatree.  If you would like to send a check by mail, please contact me at for details. 

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