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A Gift for the Bees – (ArtWeek 2020), May 2, 2020

Bees have inspired art and creativity for thousands of years, from ancient cave drawings to bee goddess figurines. Bees offer us so much beauty in our world and it is time for us to offer our thanks back! Come listen to music inspired by bees as you make a bumblebee nest to put out in your yard for bee habitat to attract bumblebee queens. Perhaps some of the bee symbols from ancient cultures provided as examples will inspire you with your own artwork. Information about bumble bee locations and how to place will be provided.  Plant a seed or two for your bees to take home as well.  ($25/bee home, families can make one for the group or as many as wanted to take home.)

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Sacred Bee Journey:

Sacred Creation (Women’s Group)

This group will meet at my private residence in Holyoke, Massachusetts on Fridays (6:30pm – 8:30pm) close to the New and Full Moons between Jan 24, 2020 and April 10, 2020.

We will follow the sacred bee calendar and be guided by the wisdom of bees in a journey of creation together.  We will begin each evening with a shared vegetarian meal (I will provide) and then engage in activities designed to bring out our sacred connection and creativity.  We each have many gifts to share with the world and now is the time it is needed most.  Let’s engage in bringing about our sacred gifts.  I will be your adventure guide as we journey through guided meditations, shared dream space, craftings, and ceremonies.  Prepare to fall in love with bees as you reconnect with your wild self.  The bees are calling us to rewild ourselves.  Are you ready?

To sign up for this group, click on this link: Sacred Creation – Women’s Group


Most recent ceremonies:

Source to Sea Cleanup of the Connecticut River with Honoring

September 28th, 2019, 9am – noon

Holyoke Fish Ladder, Holyoke, MA

Come prepared to pick up trash and let the river know we are actively doing our part of bring about clean water.  Water is life.


Sacred Bee Teachings

Radiant Moon Gathering at The Bark Eater (Keene, NY)

Bees have been revered in just about every ancient culture. From the divining powers of the Thriae and the Delphic Bee, to the Melissae Priestesses of Artemis/Aphrodite, to an Egyptian goddess temple known as the Temple of the
Bee, to carving of bees in caves in Spain and Australia as old as 9000 years old, it is safe to say that bees have witnessed civilization evolve from a distinct viewpoint, both wild and domesticated and always full of love. We will dive into their messages that they share about this time and space we share and try out some techniques that help us to connect with our wild selves, the parts in us that remember the language of love that we share with bees.

Water Honoring Ceremony

August 15, 2019

Holyoke Fish Ladder, Holyoke, MA

We gather informally to send our thanks to the Connecticut River.  There is nothing you need to bring and you are welcome to bring fruit and/or flowers to add to the beauty.

Mourning the loss of Honeybees

Celebrating the Human and Non-Human Connections (Part of Art Week MA)

Celebrating the Connecticut River (Part of Art Week 2019 MA)

Thank you Waters – Russell, MA Spring


Grateful for your Life Ceremony – April 4, 2019 (Opposum)

An honoring of all animals on World Wildlife Day – March 3, 2019. Here are some photos from the event:

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