Artweek 2019


Proud host of Artweek 2019!  Hosted two events during Artweek:





Celebrating the Connecticut River April 27, 2019; 10am-11am, Elwell Recreation Area, Northampton, MA

Come gather to celebrate the longest river in New England, the Connecticut River, which flows over 400 miles from a beaver pond near the Canadian border to Long Island Sound.

Rivers have brought people together for thousands of years with their ability to excite the senses, provide sustenance physically and emotionally, guide through the landscape, inspire countless dreams and encourage movement. You are invited into intentional space to celebrate and honor the largest river in our landscape.

Participants will thank the water in a ceremony, including creating a floating flower mandala and singing.


Celebrating Human and Non-Human Connections May 5, 2019; 10am – 2pm, Eastworks Building, Room 111, Easthampton, MA

Do your animal family members choose the handmade toys, or even the cardboard box the toy came in over the toy itself? Let’s play on that theme and craft an animal box with intention!

Come decorate a namebadge or create a play box for your small animal family member to play with/lay in that shares just how important that animal is in our life. All animal lovers welcome! Bring a photo of your animal if desired and stop in anytime in the given time. A ceremony of thanks will be conducted from 12:00-12:15 for those who wish to participate. If you would like a picture of your favorite animal friends and family to be on the table of thanks during the ceremony, feel free to bring with you!


Please REGISTER for each event.


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