I am available to lead customized ceremonies and/or consult with you on designing your own ritual experience.  Here are a few of the most common ceremonies I offer, though the type of ceremony is limited only by your imagination.


Non-Human Connections

GoatsWelcome to the Family

Adding a new member to the family is a memorable and exciting time for everyone involved.  Why not take the time to honor the beginning of the relationship with a ceremony and get things started off on the right paw or hoof?  A Welcome to the Family ceremony is a great way to channel excitement and open doors for clear communication between humans and non-humans alike. This ceremony helps the new family member to feel safe and welcome and lays the groundwork for a deep and loving relationship.


20180818_133212[1]Grateful for Your Friendship

Whether a mammal, reptile, bird, insect, rodent or amphibian, our animal family is not only family, but also our closest friends.  They are there to share a laugh with us and also to comfort us when we are struggling.  Why not celebrate your special bond while your friend is alive and well?  A Grateful for Your Friendship ceremony is the perfect way to honor your life-long friend.

20180607_151813[1]Celebrating a Life Well Lived

The loss of a dear friend can fill us with grief and a feeling of emptiness, and leave us struggling to figure out how to move forward.  Honoring the loss is an important way to bring closure in a beautiful and respectful way.  A Celebration of a Life Well Lived ceremony supports your loved one’s  peaceful transition over the Rainbow Bridge and celebrates the important place they will always hold in your heart.


20190210_142304[1]Honoring Plants, Land, Water and Unseen Elementals

Opening up to relationship with the land you walk upon each day, can do wonders to deepen your ability to communicate with the world around you.  Whether you want to honor a river, or celebrate a tree or thank the land upon which you live, there are many ways to work with ritual and gain a deeper connection with the wild world.

Human Connections

20190419_103939-1.jpgBody Blessing or Home Funeral for Deceased

I am available in a role as a Death Midwife to provide holistic, non-medical, emotional, spiritual and practical support for the dying and their loved ones.  There is  information about full Death Midwife services I can provide here.


I am also available for consultations.  Let me know of your interest and goals on the contact page.  Ceremonies start at $100 and consultations are $25/30 mins. Consultations can be about sharing ideas with you so you can hold your own ceremonies or to hold space for bereavement of a human or non-human family member.  We often are programmed to think that it is not OK to mourn our pets.  I believe it is just as important to mourn our pet family members and I provide supportive space for you to mourn and talk about your process.

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