Pet Bereavement

When we open our hearts to another being, we open to the possibility of heartbreak.  It can be easier to open our hearts to the chosen animals in our lives more than to  humans and it is more likely that we will be around for the transition of those animals as they die.  The grief we feel around the death of a pet is real.

After moving through the grief around losing my best friend Ayla, who happened to be a cat, I realized there is a lack of people to help cope with the loss.  I offer my support as a pet bereavement counselor, to fill that gap.  Let me know on the contact page if you would like to learn more.


This is a picture of Ayla.   She was the first animal that I connected to on a level that we both thought of each other as sisters.  She helped me through a lot of hard times in my life, from illness to family separations, and always provided friendship that kept me grounded and supported throughout.  While Ayla has crossed the veil to the beyond, she still surrounds me in spirit and within my heart.

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