Whispers from the Bee Online Workspace Jan – April 2020

The bees are calling us to rewild. Are you ready?  If so, fill out this application.

Exciting news for those who want to deepen their relationship with bees or with the natural world in general. Learning to listen to bees and to tap into their energetic field is the best way I know how to connect with my best self, which is why I am opening up an online workspace for just this purpose.

I will share videos from my own personal research and work with the bees from the past 11 years in a space designed to guide and support those who are looking for a more spiritual connection to bees, whether you have bees or are a bee lover. I will offer techniques of how to be in a “bee mindset” in your own life, when things get messy or chaotic. I will also open up space for dream sharing and creating sacred space together, through guided meditations and rituals. The space will be open to you to go to at your own timing. You do not have to be online for live videos, unless you choose to be.

If you are looking for techniques on how to keep bees, this is not the workspace for you, though I may share about some alternative beekeeping methods. How to know if this space is for you? I would say that if some of the sentences below are true for you, it may be the right space for you.

You believe there is more to bees than providing honey.
You dream about bees.
You enjoy learning about ancient cultures that revered bees.
You find yourself in an enlightened state when in the presence of bees.
You look for ways to communicate with bees.
You prefer the book “Song of Increase” over “Beekeeping for Dummies.”
You like to use your intuition.
You believe we are connected to the natural world in ways we have disconnected from over the years.
You find typical beekeeping clubs limiting.

If you are looking for a great way to get into your best mindset for the New Year, where you are in your most compassionate space, both for yourself and others, where you are in the flow and feeling good and creative, this may be the workspace for you.

The cost of the 3 month workspace that begins on January 23, 2020 and follows three moon cycles, ending April 7, 2020 is $72 ($24 per month).

You can email me at Melissa@aylatree.com if you are interested or have questions for me.

If you are ready to sign up now, please fill out this application.

Looking forward to sharing space with you!

Below are the dates that the videos will be recorded live in the facebook group.  It will be posted on these days so that you have them one day before the new or full moon.  The facebook group will remain up so you will have access to the group and responses outside of the live recording.  I will be monitoring the group regularly during the 6 sessions and will occasionally check in after our set time is over.

Jan 23 New

Feb 7 Full

Feb 22 New

Mar 7 Full

Mar 22 New

Apr 7 Full

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